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Jenni Pulos

Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Miracles Happen and Dreams Do Come True Jeff pre orders from the carNo menu searching/time wasting for this dinnerThe Catch is where we meet the potential surrogateYes, that is the name of the restaurant Jeff pickedAlexandra is blond and her...
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Jenni: Jeff Fanned the Flames

Nastiness Does Not Solve Problems (I'm sure they teach this at Harvard Business School) I left his schedule on the deskWe are in the carMemo to Mr. Lewis Nastiness does not solve problemsLosing Stewie and the rushed moveEmotions are raw Gage's...
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Jenni on Joe's Dismissal

Hooray for Hollywood…Off Sunset Jeff's house on GramercyHe said, she saidGate closedMoving to Hollywood Jeff is counting the days and nightsZoila will not miss the steps"50 up and 50 down" Jeff wants his appointments in the calendarThe word...
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Jenni: Jeff Wants George Eads to Be Happy

What’s Mud Go to Do With It? Jeff has plans for Finley's three bungalows1. The office 2. Jeff and Gage 3. Zoila Raznik who works with FranciscoRates top five for charactersMy previous pregnancy weight concerned JeffHe admits his teasing about it...
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Jenni on the Accessories Debacle

Channa, Channa, Channa Jeff has his own versions of closeControlled changes are his marching ordersGramercy is going on the marketThere is a huge emotional attachment"I will not have anyone screw up that house" Operating the television is left to...
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Jenni: Everyone Deals with Grief Differently

An Old Friend and a New Baby Jeff and Gage are ready to be parentsLisa's helping Jeff and Gage go egg hunting DNA dating -- it's all about the detailsGage delivers a reality check to Jeff Jeff starts talking about assisted living Hania's Pacific...
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Jenni on Gage's Mini Me

Gage Gets His Mini Me At Gramercy Jeff instructs Zoila in basic pet parentingJoe shows Jeff a text message Jeff wonders if Joe is the right fit as Gage's assistantGage’s "I don't care"...not a good sign Heather and Peter are clients in Woodland...
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