Nine Times Zoila Stole the Show

Take a walk down memory lane to relive the best Zoila moments of all time.

Everyone's favorite housekeeper is back at it again this season on Flipping Out and Zoila Chavez does not disappoint. We've grown to love Zoila over nine seasons of lots of bickering and not that much cleaning. Her latest antics include accidentially receiving a sext that Jeff Lewis makes her read aloud to the entire team (of course). We just can't get enough so we rounded up Zoila's best moments. Spoiler: there's a lot of alcohol and a lot of flirting.

1.  Zoila Gives Dating Advice

Flipping Out
Zoila Chavez's Dating Advice
Hit the strip club, ask for a kiss, and compliment the "culo."

A simple trip to run errands quickly turns into a dating lesson with Zoila and Joe. She tells him to be aggressive and suggests that he might find love in a strip club. While amazing, we might have to pass on these words of wisdom.

2.  Zoila vs. the Roomba

Flipping Out
Zoila vs. Roomba

Zoila's hilarious reaction to the new Roomba resonates to our own competitiveness and rivalries. Plus, we like when she just chucks it in the dog bed like the lifeless technology it is because no machine can ever be better than Zoila. 

3.  Zoila's Consultation

Flipping Out
Zoila's Not a Prostitute!

First of all, the fact that Jeff gets Zoila plastic surgery for her birthday is enough to keep up laughing for the whole episode. Their commentary during the consultation is just an added bonus. Maybe next birthday will bring Zoila new boobs.

4.  Zoila Goes Blonde

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
Zoila Wigs Out
Zoila Chavez is blond, buxom, and got her groove back!

We can't lie, we love blonde Zoila! And the sexy wave is the icing on the cake of her new look.

5.  Zoila Fails a Sobriety Test

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
Zoila Fails a Sobriety Test
It's determined that Zoila Chavez is not driving tonight.

Zoila cracks up the entire table when she attempts to pass a sobriety test. When she fails to simply tap her nose, everyone breaks out in laughter and deems her too drunk - and hilarious -  to drive. We think a comedy career might be Zoila's next best move.

6.  Zoila's Drunk Flirting

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
Zoila's Drunk Flirting
Zoila takes Jeff on his offer to not work if she drinks.

It's Zoila vs. alcohol again. This time, an attractive man is thrown into the mix and hilarity ensues. Jeff and Jenni get to see Zoila's flirting in action and let's just say, she's not shy.

7.  Zoila Takes New York City

Flipping Out
Zoila in NYC!

Although we're used to laughing with Zoila, this clip is just plain adorable. We'd defintely watch a "Zoila in the City" spin-off. That is, if she can get used to the dizziness.

8.  Not Zoila's Day

Flipping Out
This is Not Zoila's Day
Zoila looks around and all she sees are married men and gay men.

Zoila reacting to the slim pickings at Jenni's wedding is definitely us when we attend any couples event solo.

9.  Zoila's Drunk Again

Flipping Out
Zoila’s Boobs are Drunk
Zoila may have had one too many margaritas.

We're getting the impression that, in order to work for Jeff Lewis, you need to have a high tolerance for alcohol. Zoila fails in this category once again, much to the comedic benefit of the Jeff Lewis squad. We have a feeling they'll be feeding her many more margaritas for years to come.

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