Ryan Brown

Yes, Jeff Lewis is really that crazy.

on Jul 1, 2008

Valley Oak was almost finished when Ryan left for a well-deserved vacation (let it be known he easily works a 10-12 hour day) with odds and ends to finish such as paint touch up and accessory installation, something the team is more than capable of working on while he was away. It's pretty funny to watch Jeff say Ryan and I were slacking on our work. Just a note on the towel bars -- we had met with Frank the contractor about the towel bars a week earlier. I specifically hid them under the sink in the bathroom so they didn't get thrown away during an overeager cleanup that happens so often on the job sites. But it wasn't on Jeff's To Do List, so I'm sure he thought we forgot about it.  I have seen the To Do List in person -- it is real, it is long, and it is numbered by importance and definitely puts my own To Do List to shame.

Valley Oak is almost completed. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks about the finished project!