Ryan Brown

Ryan weighs in on Jeff's move to the design world.

on Aug 25, 2009

Hi guys. Welcome back to season 3. Preparations for Todd & Carrie’s wedding are underway & lots of fun. It was so thoughtful of them to invite us out to the site of their celebration for wine & cake tasting. The 6 of us had an amazing day and I’m so excited for their future together.

As I mentioned briefly California’s Proposition 8 removed the rights of gay people in California to marry. Much like Todd & Carrie, Dale & I looked forward to planning our wedding. Unfortunately, just as quickly as we were able to get married, closed-minded voters took that right away. In an attempt to help educate the public, we took our daughter Chloe to the NoH8 campaign photo shoot. To see tons of great photos, including my favorites Kathy and Maggie Griffin, check out http://www.noh8campaign.com/