Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown fills you in on the state of the market.

on Jun 17, 2008

Hey guys!

It's great to be back on board for another season. I'll be watching alongside you as our second journey on Flipping Out unfolds. This episode you got a glimpse of the Hancock Park project. I was so excited to be involved in the renovation because the house is historically significant and I knew that the experience would be rewarding. When Courtney bought the house, she certainly had her work cut out for her and needed one trustworthy source to drive the renovation. Luckily Jeff and I knew we could use our experience in residential construction to guide her as she brought the "Western White House" back to its original condition! Trying to maintain all the original features of the house makes renovation much more difficult and expensive, but it's worth it to protect the structure's integrity and history.

As excited as I was about this huge (10,000-square-foot!) project, Jeff began to feel depressed as he realized that he wasn't the final decision maker this time around. With Courtney holding the reins of Hancock Park, Jeff experienced a pretty dramatic role reversal. His power struggle came to a head during the fateful phone call that left him shaking and furious. Jenni and I tried our best to make him feel better, but he isn't easily talked out of moods.