Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown answers your hard-hitting design questions.

on Aug 12, 2008

Stephanie Mathis wrote: I love the show and especially Ryan's design style. I have seen stools upholstered in zebra and I am dying to know where I can purchase one.

Answer: The little zebra stools that you saw in my house are a great accent to just about any room. I have one in my bathroom next to the tub. The "Neta" stool is available from Seva Home - one of my favorite furniture stores in L.A.

Jennifer Gonzalez wrote: I feel like selecting paint chips is always such a hard and huge decision, especially when trying to choose perfect muted earthtones. I always LOVE your selections. Do you have any favorite choices for greys, browns, greens, neutrals and blues?

Answer: There are so many great colors out there it's hard to play favorites, but below are a few that I find work well in many applications. Remember, as I've said before, make sure you go out and buy a small quart of any color you are thinking of using and mock it up on the walls you are planning on painting. Paint colors look very different from room to room. All of those listed below are from Dunn Edwards. Browns Chocloate Chunk Bison Beige Neutrals Porous Stone Nomadic Taupe Green Flint Stone Grey Ash Grey

Ericka Horton wrote: Where can I get some of the ideas that you use on your rehabs other than the show. I love the design. Are there any magazines you could reccommend?

Answer: There are a ton of great design publication out there right now. House Beautiful is an amazing resource for updated traditional design with an edge. Metropolitan Home and Elle Decor are great for modern. Interiors is also a great magazine with full page photos for inspiration.