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Ryan Brown

Time to Set the Record Straight!

September 30, 2009 • 4:58 PM ET
I heard from a lot of you this past week and after seeing this week's episode, the truth is still not told. During the filming of that scene, I simply got tired of Jeff shouting over me as I tried to make my point clear. Since the accusations...
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Jeff is Sick, Jenni is Quick

September 15, 2009 • 12:11 PM ET
I was quite happy to see Jenni's managerial skills in full force this episode. I always knew she had it in her. I've been pushing Jeff for years to give her more responsibility. Too bad it took a nasty case of the flu (or food poisoning,...
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Ever Changing Business

August 25, 2009 • 1:51 PM ET
Hi guys. Welcome back to season 3. Preparations for Todd & Carrie’s wedding are underway & lots of fun. It was so thoughtful of them to invite us out to the site of their celebration for wine & cake tasting. The 6 of us had an...
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Ryan Answers Your Questions!

August 12, 2008 • 6:10 PM ET
Ryan was kind enough to answer some of your questions via Here are his answers: Stephanie Mathis wrote: I love the show and especially Ryan's design style. I have seen stools upholstered in zebra and I am dying to know where I can pu...
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