Scotty Brown

Boni gives her take on LA real estate.

on Sep 4, 2007

We work closely with them in finding projects, in fact many agents will call us and say that they have something Jeff might like. We often write offers that go nowhere. When we do get the offer accepted, we schedule inspections, arrange for title and escrow documents to be completed, not to mention the pages of real estate disclosures required. We meet with them and talk about the market and where the house might be when it is completed, what is selling well and what we feel is going on out there. When to put it on and what we think the price will be. When they are ready to sell we start the marketing; photographers, the marketing ad copy, web sites, holding open houses. We are always available to show the houses to agents and buyers. Once we have an offer we start the paper work all over again and then there are the buyers' inspections, etc, etc. We have done this over 10 times and Jeff and Ryan respect us enough to put their business in our hands. Needless to say, our relationship with them is unique, private and is based on mutual respect. Any disagreements we have are short-lived. I trust that viewers know that situations are not always depicted as they really are on TV.

Thank you to EZE Easement for giving the August figures for Los Feliz but you really need to see more detail to understand the figures. If anyone wants more info you can check out and click on our realtybites blog for facts, figures and current articles on LA Real Estate. And you can access info about the different areas we cover on the show. Wow, that was more than I thought I had to say!

Oh yes, in case you forget out there; "Flipping Out" is a TV show...