Scotty Brown

Boni weighs in on Jeff Lewis' quirks.

on Sep 11, 2007

This has been quite an experience for me. When Jeff asked if I would participate in the filming of the show, I had my doubts, but of course said yes because Jeff is my client and I wanted to help him out. None of us were prepared for the hullabaloo that followed. What is so strange is that having worked with Jeff for almost three years and seen him interact with his staff and with other agents and the buyers that come through his homes, I have never heard anyone say anything negative about him. He is charming, gracious, patient and funny. If you saw him on Ellen, you saw the Jeff I know. Not that he can't be challenging and a bit quirky, but who isn't? Once again, I want to say thanks to those people who wrote in and were supportive and said positive things about Carrie and me.

Selling real estate is time consuming and requires many set skills, not the least of which is being able to compromise for the good of the deal. It is, for me, a 24/7 job, but thank goodness I love what I do and am fortunate to do what I love. Thanks to Jeff, his staff, and Ryan, who keep it all going, and make it fun in the process. If any of you have any questions about LA real estate just send me a note. I hope to see you again soon.