Scotty Brown

Scotty Brown blogs on the drama with Chris Cotazzo.

on Sep 26, 2006

Here's an example of art imitating life: After Chris Cortazzo's show aired, he and I entered into a deal together. I have been working with a client to purchase a home for 6.5 million dollars. I showed Chris' property to them several times and everything was going great. Then I get a phone call from Chris.

"Scotty, an agent called today to see the house with a client that sounds similar to yours. Can you call me back before I call him back?"

My head started spinning. I called my client. It turns out that he has an investor that wants to see the property with his own agent! Well, my old behavior comes back to me, I want to start threatening everyone. But that doesn't work for me anymore, so I went back to my mantra: "Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear!!"

I called Chris and tried to nip it in the bud. In the real estate world you don't want too many cooks in the kitchen. We spent this huge amount of time going back and forth with who, what, where and when. Total drama!!