Scotty Brown

Scotty Brown blogs on the drama with Chris Cotazzo.

on Sep 26, 2006

I have been in contact with a lot of people from Chicago who I haven't seen in years. I come from the streets of Chicago, and those are my roots. It's important to me to stay in touch with that. I know I am not "Ivy League" or anything but who I am. I am off the cuff, I am a wheeler dealer man!! I am having fun with it.

One thing I learned early on is street smarts are better than book smart. I would like to hire a college graduate, though. They have good work ethic, and would be pretty helpful around here. I'm they guy who's always out on the streets. I oversee the big picture. I'm the Dream Maker.

Well, thanks again for watching the show, and for sending all of your wonderful emails. I'm very grateful. I have been getting so many great responses from everyone who has been watching the show. It's cool that they've saying one of my lines back to me: "Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear" They tell me that they've made it their mantra now. And I keep hearing things like "Scotty you're the man!!" Having fans like this is the ultimate compliment!!

Until next time,

Your man,

the man of the people,

Downtown Scotty Brown