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Scotty Brown

Boni's Wrap Up

I suppose the fascination with Jeff and what he does and how he does it should not have been a surprise. Perhaps because I deal with real estate every day, and with Jeff just about everyday, I was not prepared for the reaction the show got. So...
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Boni: Real Estate And Emotions

Wow! Such controversy. I always knew that real estate was extremely emotional for people; right up there with divorce and death. But the interest and debate generated by "Flipping Out" is unreal! I deal with clients' emotional roller coasters...
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Episode Four: Art Imitates Life

Here's an example of art imitating life: After Chris Cortazzo's show aired, he and I entered into a deal together. I have been working with a client to purchase a home for 6.5 million dollars. I showed Chris' property to them several times and...
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