Trace Lehnhoff

Trace weighs in on Vlad, Deb, and punishment smocks!

on Oct 8, 2009

Now I’ve clearly had my fair share of fashion mishaps on the show, but I don’t think anyone took the cake like the cinched-smock-number Sarah had to wear as punishment. Jenni also had to wear the “marshmallow jumpsuit,” and she worked it all things considering. There is a stack of one dozen XXL paint suits in our utility closet just waiting for a mistake to be made.

I was worried about how Jeff was going to react when the tile shortage at Buena Park happened. He gave me the responsibility of the entire tile order and any mishap to occur would have been my fault. It was one of the first major responsibilies he had given me so I didn’t want to disappoint him. I needed to find the tile the client liked, stay within the budget, have it sent to be cut the way it was designed, organize delivery, etc. Vlad had given me the dimensions and I ordered an additional 15% extra from what he provided. Considering he was the contractor, I assumed he would know what he was talking about and how to properly operate a tape measure. But as we saw in a previous episode with the television niche above the Buena Park fireplace being the wrong size, that clearly isn’t the case.