Trace Lehnhoff

Trace weighs in on Vlad, Deb, and punishment smocks!

on Oct 8, 2009

Deb calls me every now and then after work. We chat for a while until I ask for her to put Jenni on. The two of them are very close. Deb even recorded the greeting for Jenni’s voicemail. It’s safe to say she gets just as far with people over the phone as Jeff does.

Sarah is my BFF at the office as well. Driving around in the car doing errands listening to appropriate playlists depending on the day. We have gotten to be very close and she’s one of the sweetest people that I know. Always good for a laugh, Sarah has become a close friend of mine who I seek both advice and dance moves in.

Finals came to an end and Jeff gave me an ‘A’ in my internship class. And let me tell you, an ‘A’ from Jeff Lewis is better than any ‘A’ I’ve ever gotten in the past. The threat of a smock may work with Sarah but if you hold a ‘B+’ over my head, I’ll be sure not to make a mistake.