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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple


Make no mistake, there's only one H-B-I-C at JLD, and it's Zoila.

When we got back from New York, I thought that Sarah did a good job.  Jeffrey still had clients, the house was still standing, and the animals were still alive.  She was thinking she was the H-B-I-C.  But there's only room for one H-B-I-C in this house. Sorry Sarah.

Jeffrey is very stressed.  I thinking its because he's working too much.  Most of the time he's still working on the weekend, and it's not good.  Sometimes I think he's going to have an explosion.  It's stressful always working, working, working.  I have been thinking that he needs a vacation, maybe to Hawaii.  For one month?  And me too.

I watched Barb talking to Monkey on the phone.  She's a very sweet, nice lady.  When I heard her talking about Pitbulls, I was thinking, "That's nice."  But then I saw that the pitbulls were toys, like a stuffed animal. She needs real animals to make her more happy. Like maybe Monkey and Chris?  That's what she needs.