Zoila Chavez's Most Memorable Moments

We're looking back at the #FlippingOut star's funniest moments while working for Jeff Lewis.

On this week's episode of Flipping Out, we watched (and maybe cried a little) as Zoila Chavez officially retired from her longtime position as Jeff Lewis' housekeeper. Over their many years together, Zoila and Jeff have grown very close and consider each other family.

To celebrate Zoila, we're taking a stroll down memory lane and looking back at some classic Zoila moments. 

Zoila and the Machine

When Jeff buys a self-cleaning vacuum, Zoila starts getting a little jealous of all the attention the Roomba is getting.

Zoila Learns CPR

Jeff and the gang take a CPR class in preparation for Monroe's arrival. Zoila is particularly enthusiastic and gets really into the lesson. Whether Gage trusts her enough to actually perform CPR on a baby is another story.

Channeling Charo

Jenni puts Zoila in a blonde wig, and we've gotta say...she looks great! And she's giving us a little sexy, a little Charo--we're into it!

How Zoila Got Her Groove Back

In a super relatable moment, Zoila gets tipsy (off one margarita!!) and does some flirting with a cute waiter at lunch. Fun fact: she likes bad boys.

Jeff + Zoila = 4EVA

After a huge fight, Jeff asks Zoila to come with him to therapy, and the two of them work it out. Jeff, who's normally not super mushy, tells Zoila that he loves her. Pass the Kleenex, please.

Best of luck to Zoila as she steps into this next phase of life! It's going to be very difficult for Jeff to find someone else like her, and we don't blame him--she's definitely one of a kind. 

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