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The Fallout

Jeff Lewis gets real about Chris Elwood.

For years, even with indications that Chris Elwood was lazy and slacking, I repeatedly excused his bad behavior. He never had the same work ethic as the rest of my staff, but I continued to enable him and forgive him for his mistakes. I actually felt like I was helping by giving him multiple chances at work, but I see now that I was just postponing the inevitable. With each chance I gave Chris to continue at my office, he became more and more insubordinate, knowing he could lie and manipulate his way back in. I'm angry with myself for allowing this to continue for so long. I'm also very hurt that a good friend would deceive me and take advantage of me the way Chris did. I was shocked that he said nothing to explain himself when I fired him. After seven years of working for me, all I got was a two-word insincere apology.

He was so vacant and detached, I wonder if he was even listening. It was so disappointing, but although I'm resentful, I'm trying very hard to forgive him and get past this. I wish him luck and I hope he finds happiness and fulfillment in his next line of work. During times like these, I'm grateful to have a career that drives and fulfills me. I believe I've found my purpose and my passion, and for that I'm so appreciative. Jenni has become a big concern for me since the break-up. She's staying strong, but I'm worried about her after she was humiliated and hurt in front of all to see. Of course, this was not something she expected when she signed on for a reality show, but I wonder if this has been one of Jenni's lessons to learn from. For me, I believe the show appeared so I could see my actions and behavior and try to become a more sensitive and less selfish person. (Still working on that!) I wonder if the show was also supposed to assist Jenni to see her husband more clearly. I believe she excused many years of bad behavior from Chris, just like I did.

The show could be a springboard for Jenni's career or simply teach her to take a good long look as to why she attracts and is attracted to certain types of men. Jenni has a very bright future and I'm excited for her to have the chance to find everything she wants in her life. Career, home, marriage, and family is all possible for her now. This could be the best thing that ever happened to her. Only time will tell. Next week we leave the drama behind and get back to business as usual.