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Cluster Foogayzee

Andy's "Monumental Meltdown"

Jenni Battles Lewd Snowmen

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Zoila was Kidnapped by "Inappropriate Aliens"

Gage and the Gramercy Drama

Jenni: Alianna is a Miracle

Jenni Talks Mini Cat Doors, Giant Paint Cans

Jeff's In-House Telenovela

Mammary Madness at Jeff Lewis Design

Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Jeff Lewis Reflects on Monkey

Jeff and the L Word

"I Did Not Lie to Jeff."

Gage Doesn't Trust Andrew

Gage and Zoila's Endless Teasing

Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Zoila's Tear-Filled Therapy Session

Jeff's New Boyfriend

Twist! Jeff Forgives Andrew - Ep 5

Jeff's Cockpit and Andy's Lying

Inspector Jeffrey

Andy, Andy, Andy

There is a Time and a Place

Workplace Etiquette

Jeff Lewis, Wedding Planner

Who's the Bitch?

My Wedding Heaven Meets Jeff's Cash Calculations

The Vagina Monologues

Get Your Kicks on Route Season 6


Grammercy Gardens

Rapping Up Season 5

Truck Gas

Jeff Wants to be a Paint Star

Hey, You Never Know...

Queen of the House

We Talk to the Animals

Hanky Panky and Stinky Pink

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!

Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Cluster Foogayzee

How does one survive on Jeff Lewis' island? Jenni Pulos knows.

Good morning. It has not been such a great day at Jeff Lewis' office. This is Jenni. SOS!

Critical overdrive is being fueled by a declining market and everyone's behavior seems a little worse for the wear.

If you are going to survive on Jeff Lewis' island, "Don't forget the guacamole!"

Chris Keslar found Jeff's constant demands overwhelming and voted himself off! Zoila waved!

We all waved at Courtney when we escaped HER island before the high tide hit!

Surviving a torrent of abuse, Lorie kept her playhouse.

A misdirected list misunderstanding became a hurricane and I hung on for dear life.

George Clooney where are you when I'm in the Perfect Storm?