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I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Jenni Lewis discusses Jeff Lewis' paranoia.

Well Jeff's paranoia certainly caught up with him in Episode Three. At this point during filming I remember thinking, "Why is he so freaked out about people not delivering? What's up with all this talk of 'sink or swim time?' Why is he always focused on his employees not working?" I am working -- watch me work! (I mean not literally).

What did you think about that house we looked at where we heard kids screaming? That is what $400K can buy you in good old Silverlake California. Crazy. Remember: That is in a very down market. Unbelievable. I still feel that instead of getting a car for my college graduation (very nice -- thank you Mom and Dad), I should have been a wise one and said to my parents, "Put a down payment on a condo instead." The amount of money in rent I have spent over the last 13 years is beyond frustrating.

Light bulb! Thought bubble! If you can invest, do it! Save up your money and buy something. In the long run it will be so worth it. Remember: The market will turn around eventually. It will. Buy a duplex and make half your payment by renting one side out. Invest if you can!

Zoila seems upset in this episode. I don't like that. I don't like the ear bud conversation. I also don't like the dogs playing too rough.

I do like Encino, how it is looking now compared to Day One. Wait until you see what we discover at that property next week!

For the record, Jeff, sometimes you feel like you are my child, so we both feel each other's pain on that one.

Until next week!

I am grateful for and appreciate you! Jenni

Saying of the week: HOG

Definition: House Over Garage

Learned that nugget from the sewer line company. Thanks, Watson!