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Who's The Boss?

Jenni Pulos on how Jeff Lewis' anger has gotten better, but his OCD is worse...

Welcome back to the same old place that we laughed about ... Jeff Lewis' office.

First off to everyone who watched Season 1 and for everyone's support and kind words (not to mention all the shout outs) -- example: "You go girl! I so work for a guy like that, and what I want to do to him sometimes -- ooh-wee!!! I also thank you for the many blessings -- bless YOU ALL! Thanks for watching and WE APPRECIATE YOU -- each and every one of you!

It's a great day at Jeff Lewis' office -- oh no wait it's not anymore because Jeff, now Jeff Lewis actually has to ANSWER TO SOMEONE ELSE!

In last night's episode, I finally think Jeff remembered what it was like (for the first time in nine years) to work for someone else. You take it when you don't want to, when you are convinced you are right you sometimes say you are wrong anyhow, you let things roll off your back, you combine mints in one tin even though it seems ridiculous. Why? It's simple, that is what the head honcho wants. Don't be a doormat, but accept the way they want to do things. After all, it is their business.

In the situation with Courtney, Jeff was really trying to help her. She was so frustrated when we got hired because she had felt very taken advantage of. She felt as if each and every contractor, electrician, plumber, designer, that she had hired, then fired, in the last year and a half had taken advantage of her. The truth is she had a very difficult time making any kind of decision and it was so frustrating.

The house is a historical landmark and I appreciate that she wanted to keep it as close to its original form as possible. However, she was so concerned with this that I think it also stood in her way of making any progress.

Has Jeff's anger and outbursts become more in control? Yes. Definitely. He is really working on himself and I respect that tremendously. His OCD? Worse. He has a thing with the trash cans, which became very out of control this year. He must straighten those cans five to seven times a day. The white wall at Commonwealth behind the cans does not help because he worries the cans will mark the wall.

How great is the scene between Zoila and Jeff in the morning? They have a love for each other that is very sweet. It's so funny because often Zoila will say things and then we will be like "What did you just say?" I love and have a great respect for her.

The market is obviously different this year and I look forward to everyone tuning in and hopefully gathering some helpful information. There are some great things to learn this season! Jeff's work is stunning again this year! So is Ryan's! I am excited for everyone to see more of it!

We hope you will continue with us on the wild Los Angeles Real Estate Ride!

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Midwest who has suffered due to the floods.

Te Amo! (uur new saying) I love you in Spanish! Jenni CEA (Chief Executive Assistant) I made that up! Thought it sounded fancy!