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Dying Of Laughter

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Dying Of Laughter

Ryan Brown talks about his favorite Jeff Lewis moment so far.

"Cut him off!!!"

Lets quickly start off with my favorite Flipping Out moment to date. I was dying of laughter when I saw Jenni's phone conversation with our painter Jesse. With Jeff shouting, "Cut him off!" and Jesse rattling off an indecipherable list of materials he needed to buy, Jenni had to put her foot down. He's one of the most annoying contractors we work with and everyone avoids calling him because they'll find themselves in the same situation. It was hilarious seeing that whole scenario play out on the screen because everyone on our team has been through it one time or another.

Luckily, after weeks of telling Chloe it is not nice to throw her babies on the floor, she has finally forgotten about "bad baby. I just have to keep an eye on Jeff -- the other day he had her pulling fruit off of one of the trees in our yard and throwing it at our dog. She was having a great time, but our dog, a great big, gentle Labrador, now has a phobia of peaches. Wait until next week when you see the fun Jeff has with one of Chloe's dolls!

Courtney came and went, again. Although I was really upset about have to quit for the second time, its for the best. I've had a lot of experience with clients over the years -- and, I'm proud to say, I've never had to walk off the job. Unfortunately the situation just was not working out and we felt it would be best to leave before thing got ugly. Chris came and went too ... again, for the best. We all wish him luck in the future. By the way, last week people were asking about Steven Thomas, the antiques dealer and replicator I visited with Courtney. Their Web site is . One more episode left ... tune in next week to see the season finale.