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My Office Is Perfect!!!

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My Office Is Perfect!!!

Ryan Brown defends his office and talks about his daughter, Chloe.

So in this episode Jeff said that there must be something wrong with my office because "Everything is just too perfect." Well, I'm here to say that it is PERFECT! I started my interior design company with my brother Josh about 10 years ago and the team we've assembled at Brown Design & Development is awesome. I'd say we are as close to The Brady Bunch as it gets! Catherine and Deirdre are great designers and Christiane keeps our office running smoothly. The only thing I'd say I'm missing at my office is Jenni!!! She is the best, and if Jeff is not careful I may steal her away from him. At any rate, it's all about teamwork in our office and as a team I like to think we do beautiful work. You can check out more of our designs at

You also get a quick look at my home life. I've been with my partner Dale for seven years. He is the best guy imaginable. Our daughter, Chloe, just turned 2 and brings so much joy and excitement to our lives. After an exhausting remodel we are finally in our new house and love it. Last season you saw Jeff talk me into selling my house and moving into Nottingham. That house was great, but I'm glad to be settled back into a house I can call home. I've lived in four places in the last year and need a break. Hopefully I don't get talked into moving again! Jeff is doing a great job on the Encino house. Could his client Lori be any cuter? She is so nice, a dream client. The project is speeding along since Lori recognizes she has hired a creative and competent person to get the job done and is willing to trust Jeff's decisions.

Jeff complained about me going on my trip. It's nothing new. We have very different ways of working and relaxing and tease each other all the time about. The "I work harder than you war" has been going on for years. Let's just say I work hard and Jeff works hard -- we just work VERY differently. Finally, to all you employees out there, the hidden camera is in place ... so be good!!!