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Ryan Answers Your Questions!

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Ryan Answers Your Questions!

Ryan Brown answers your hard-hitting design questions.


Ryan was kind enough to answer some of your questions via Here are his answers:

Stephanie Mathis wrote: I love the show and especially Ryan's design style. I have seen stools upholstered in zebra and I am dying to know where I can purchase one.

Answer: The little zebra stools that you saw in my house are a great accent to just about any room. I have one in my bathroom next to the tub. The "Neta" stool is available from Seva Home - one of my favorite furniture stores in L.A.

Jennifer Gonzalez wrote: I feel like selecting paint chips is always such a hard and huge decision, especially when trying to choose perfect muted earthtones. I always LOVE your selections. Do you have any favorite choices for greys, browns, greens, neutrals and blues?

Answer: There are so many great colors out there it's hard to play favorites, but below are a few that I find work well in many applications. Remember, as I've said before, make sure you go out and buy a small quart of any color you are thinking of using and mock it up on the walls you are planning on painting. Paint colors look very different from room to room. All of those listed below are from Dunn Edwards. Browns Chocloate Chunk Bison Beige Neutrals Porous Stone Nomadic Taupe Green Flint Stone Grey Ash Grey

Ericka Horton wrote: Where can I get some of the ideas that you use on your rehabs other than the show. I love the design. Are there any magazines you could reccommend?

Answer: There are a ton of great design publication out there right now. House Beautiful is an amazing resource for updated traditional design with an edge. Metropolitan Home and Elle Decor are great for modern. Interiors is also a great magazine with full page photos for inspiration.

Christopher Alan wrote: How did you make your start into design? ... Did you base your degree around design or was it something you pursued after school? Also, what advice can you give me at 21 that you would have found beneficial?

Answer: My design education started at a very early age. My father was a developer who designed and built custom homes. He is an artist at heart so every outing was a chance for him to teach us more about design and architecture. I credit him with teaching me that everyday life is the best classroom. I encourage you to look around your hometown for inspiration. When time and budget allow, travel to other countries. Some of my best ideas come from abroad.

I love the Ralph Lauren Home print ads. There is nothing the epitomizes my sense of style and taste than that look. I want my house to look like one of them. Any advice on achieving this without spending about $1M on RL furniture?

Answer: Ralph Lauren is an amazing designer in many fields. The thing you like about his work is the "layered" look. More than just the furniture (which is beautiful) a room needs the proper accessories and art to complete the design. Its like putting on a dress for a formal event without adding and jewelry. When I'm designing a traditional room I bring in accessories that tell a story -- like hanging old boat oars on the wall or framing antique family photos. Finally, wall coverings are a great way to warm up a room -- grass cloths are great!

Brian W. Kim wrote: I am a Junior (to-be) at Cate School, a college preparatory boarding high school in Carpinteria. As I am a boarder, I live in a dorm known as schoolhouse. Well, I got last room pick when the room lottery was done, and I supposedly got the worst room. Fearing the worst, I opened the door and I saw, to my surprise, that the room was what I was looking for. Most of the rooms at our school have balconies, but mine did not. Instead it was tangibly larger. Another aspect of the room was its personality. It wasn't a rectangle like other rooms, no, it had a roof that sloped inwards suddenly on one side, and a pillar like extension that looked like a good place to put an antique whitewashed night stand and a painting that I inherited from a senior (who now attends Pratt). Anyways, the bed in my room is lofted, so I have quite a bit of space to put stuff in underneath. There is a small desk, a closet, and this medicine cabinet that sinks into the wall with drawers underneath. Because Cate is an old school, the flooring is smooth cement and the walls are dark cherry wood paneling (still intact from 1910). So the dilemma: -I need functional yet elegant (not ikea cold-modern) solutions for storage and organization, without going crazy on budget. -Do you guys have any suggestions for accent pieces I can put in the room that are not posters and other items typically gracing the walls of educational housing?

Answer: Making your dorm room a fun and functional room is easy. As you mentioned, posters on the wall: thumbs down. Start with a cool photography book with images that you like, chop it up, then find some frames on sale to mount them in. If you want furniture that is a bit warmer than Ikea, try West Elm. They have great accessories as well. Finally, the best way to make a small room look smaller is CLUTTER. Get rid of all the extra stuff in your room and make it a sanctuary.

Ed wrote: Hi Ryan, where do you purchase your contemporary lighting from?

Answer: We have a number of resources that we use for contemporary lighting. In fact, we are in the middle of posting some of our favorites on our Web site. Check there soon. Thanks again everyone for your questions and for supporting the show. Season 2 was great and I'm hoping Season 3 is right around the corner. F

or additional tips check out my design blog at Until next time ... Ryan

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Jenni dishes on the Lewis family food fight and the session with Dr. Donna.


At Gramercy Jeff is having naughty night nurse fantasies...
…about who is at my house, which he is happily sharing with the office.
The present state of my private parts is a cheery office topic.
No, no, and NO!
I am serving notice -- there is a new Jenni in town.
The out of control office antics have given a stern face to HR.

Jeff's paint line is flying off the shelves
Will more workers be needed at Jeff Lewis Design?

Lisa and Gary's Calabasas landscaping is a multiple choice challenge.
People need to agree.
Lisa wants us out, but we have plants to place, then plants to move, see the vision, and place somewhere else.
It's all about being specific.
Phase 2, which Lisa said would never happen…
Never say never.
We love you, Lisa!

Jeff doesn't stop encouraging Zoila to twerk at Gramercy. 
He also comments on my current size, shape, and choice of outfit.
Jeffrey is expanding into the area of fashion consultant.
I love my belt, Jeffrey.Chaz Dean's remodel at La Mirada needs to be cold.
The budget for this job is frozen.
Mark the contractor however is feeling the heat.

Andrew is put in charge of applying the "get it done now" pressure.
At La Mirada he finds the contractor MIA and the workers MIA.
Andy hopes this challenge will reveal his managerial skill set.

Jeff wants to take over the decisions regarding Lisa's landscaping.
This Calabasas job needs to be done ASAP.
Vanina's "I bought 'em for her" Double Ds are shared with Lisa.
My HR self is now in full fail zone.

Gramercy is keeping new hire Katrina busy with the paint line.
The work load is huge and she needs help.
Gage likes the good stress of it all.

Scott, Jeff's attorney, plans a big dinner for Jeff's dad's birthday.
He has been Tom's attorney for 30 years.
Jeff thinks a booze cruise around the harbor sounds like a plan.
Newport Beach are you ready for us?
A small problem due to someone's lack of nautical skills…
The boats have escaped!
Jeff blames his lack of censor on his family's standard of behavior.
Two boats and a food fight are their way to party hearty.
Crab meat is flying!
Yes, that is me (now a momma) throwing food and having fun misbehaving.
Even the HR "buzzkill" needs an outlet.
There goes my Mom off camera running to church to light some large candles.
Praying for me that maturity is better late than never.
Andy is now instructed by Jeff to be contractor Mark's worst nightmare.
"I'll crack your balls" is Andy's idea of in charge speak.

Gramercy welcomes new intern Romy to help Katrina.
Hope she is a survivor in Jeff Lewis Design's world of cray cray.
Gage thinks the toilet rules may be a cause for no return.

Mark's young son is visiting the La Mirada job site.
Will he need therapy after watching Andy in full managerial mode? 

Jeff and I interview potential remodel clients in Westwood.
Nikki and Robbie are both dentists and reluctantly agree when Jeff talks price.
The hard, cold, cash, remodel facts can be a dream buster.
Jeff is just the messenger, and it's not always fun. 

Andy is trying to break the new intern.
He wants her gone.
I read Jeff a list with the requirements for successful leaders.
The harsh reality is adult behavior will now be required.

On the La Mirada job site my limits are tested.
You do what you have to do.
Hand washing and dedication are the name of the game.Jeff thinks Andy's babysitting Mark has done the trick and things are moving.
Romy our newbie quit -- she lasted one day.
Everyone does not think it's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.
Honestly, HR is seriously concerned about the current office atmosphere.

Chaz does a check it out walk through at La Mirada.
Andy gets applause, Jeff is thrilled.

Gramercy is group focused ordering Jeff's undies online.
Jeff thinks his old ones will be a fun face mask for Megan.
She loudly disagrees while ripping them off -- I write Jeff up.
Jeff is informed that his idea of joking is abusive by Dr. Donna his therapist.
We need her help to get the office behavior in sync with sanity.
Dr. Donna tells Jeff he is the leader and needs to set an example.
She tells me to be comfortable stating, "Get out!"
I can do this, Deb to the rescue.
There's a new Jenni at Jeff Lewis Design.
New rules, new day.
Zoila reads her list of complaints: "Please don't call me fat piggy."
Andrew needs to remove the porno he's sharing from his iPad.
Oh no they didn't.
To make it a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office is going to take some serious work.