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The Hot Mute Speaks!

Ryan Brown's assistant Catherine steps in.

Hi Flipping Out Readers,

This is Catherine, Ryan's design assistant for over three years.

Careful viewers may have noticed me as the "Asian girl", one of "Ryan's Angels" or as Jeff so eloquently called me last season "The Hot Mute."

Well it is time for the Hot Mute to speak out once and for all about Ryan's office versus Jeff's office. First, as the episode revealed, Ryan's office is often a happy and efficient environment. Over the years, Ryan has consistently given me more responsibility to help him with our design projects. This trust in me, plus Ryan's loyalty and professionalism, has often inspired me to go the extra mile on projects.

Now having worked over a thousand days for Ryan, I cannot imagine what it would be like to work even one day for Jeff. That being said, Jeff and Jenni are unbelievably talented at what they do and are a blast to be around. "LOL" is an understatement. And besides, both Jeff and I admit to being a little OCD around our design projects. No matter how many cameras he had following me around 24/7, Jeff certainly would not need to tell me twice about making sure our homes are in pristine shape.