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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Warming It Up

Ryan Brown tells all about Valley Oak.

I want to start off by saying that my heart goes out to Jenni. I cant begin to imagine how difficult it is to get up and come to work in the middle of everything that is going on. She is a very strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman. I wish her only love and happiness and she knows I am here for her. With that said, from this point on, I think we all want to leave what happened behind us and move on, so ....

We finally started staging Valley Oak! Jeff was in a hurry to get the furniture in the house and simply placed things where they had been positioned in previous houses, so Dale, the girls (from my office), and I came in and warmed up the space by layering textures and mixing patterns that had been previously separated. Modern design can be both clean and warm at the same time, which is what I tried to accomplish by switching around some pieces at Valley Oak. Luckily Jeff didn't object too much to our changes and acknowledged that they actually improved the spaces. Next week you will get to see the finishing touches -- hope you guys like what we did.

It's nice to see Jeff priming Chris Keslar for more responsibilities, as he does have an actual interest in the design of our projects. Since our house-flipping is very rooted in the design process, this can be a perfect area to get started as a design professional.

By the end of the episode, Courtney contacts Jeff about bringing us back on board. While I was very hesitant to start with her again, Jeff made it clear that we'd set our own terms for working with her so the same issues wouldn't arise again and get in the way of finishing her Hancock Park mansion! Keep watching to see how our second run with Courtney turns out!