A Lesson Learned

Jeff discusses his "near-death" experience, and weighs in on Jenni's stint as boss.

Although it may not have been intentional (still suspect), Zoila did almost take my life. I still don't understand why anyone would keep old bacon, let alone cook it and serve it, but it happened. As always, I try to see the lesson in times of adversity, and I did learn something during my near-death experience.

Jenni and I have been having some difficulty lately. As an aspiring actress, Jenni is going on more auditions, and it has been a struggle building a new business while trying to work around her schedule. I started to question her loyalty to the business, but my doubts where proven wrong the day she took over. It's odd that she has never been given more responsibility after 8 years of employment, but Ryan always stepped in when I needed help. That was not an option the day I got sick, so I asked Jenni to step in. I am so impressed with the way she handled things. It's a difficult job, and although everyone wants to be liked, you often have to move into what I call "bitch mode" to get things done. I didn't think Jenni had it in her, but I was wrong. She rose to the challenge and handled two tough situations very effectively. I was wrong to question Jenni's loyalty and devotion to me and my business. My near-death experience helped me to learn a very valuable lesson. I might even give Jenni a holiday bonus, although that is not definite.

Next week the Jackie saga continues with my struggle to get the Bel Air job finished, and my bigger struggle to get paid.