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In Memoriam

Jeff honors Spirit's memory.

I feel terrible about what happened to Spirit and I feel for Chaz who has been very hurt by her passing. He truly believes that Spirit was a sign from God or the universe, sent to guide him to the Cole compound.

The Cole property has served Chaz well over the years. The equity he has built in the property helped him to finance his Wen hair product business which has grown into an extremely successful company. Chaz is a very generous man, and with his success he has helped a lot of people and donated to many charitable organizations.

I regret joking about Spirit living on the property, but I did express genuine concern over her safety and well-being. I was also concerned about the reputation of what has become a prestigious high-end salon.

After realizing that moving Spirit to a shelter was not an option, I came up with what I thought was a good solution. My idea was to move Spirit to another part of the compound and build her a new place of shelter. Her new home would have had a bed and a shower, something she didn't have before. Unfortunately, Spirit never got to move to her upgraded accommodations. It was a sad ending to what would have been a good deed, a good deed that I desperately needed for my karmic resume.