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Dancin and Debbin for my Dinner

Jenni talks Deb, dreams, and Ryan and Jeff's "public break-up."

Vlad failed the exam and so did I. I am a thirty something year old woman reduced to a stay puft marshmellow uniform for job error punishment. I did enjoy wearing the outfit.

Jeff and I continue to bicker about the fact that he believes I am not committed to his business. I know the answer in my own heart. He will believe what he wants to and I can't change that. Deb and Jeff work extremely well together, much better then Jenni and Jeff. In my opinion, Deb is conceited and rude.

I love dancing. I love rapping. I love acting. I love entertaining. I am lucky it has helped me keep my job as a chief executive assistant/professional Splenda stirrer. I do deserve my own office/computer/picture of my dogs at work and a new husband (someday) and a third dog (dreams become realities).

I am extremely saddened by the wedge growing between Jeff and Ryan. It is ultimately only between the two of them but I cannot help but feel for a "public breakup" (or any breakup for that matter) after the pain I experienced last year.

Through Jeff having to work for others and "adjust his business" in this changed economy, he has helped save clients money and expensive mistakes in their remodel process. I am glad we have been able to help people. We all need help and support.

Until next week, as Deb would so rudely say, "who do I have to f*** to get something done around here"?