Reality Check: Pay Attention to the Signals!

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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Reality Check: Pay Attention to the Signals!

What happens when work and personal life collide? Jenni explains!

The real estate market and my private life imploded roughly at the same time! As I scrambled into survival mode, fearing change with every breath, Jeff hired another person to “share“ my job … along with the rest of America I am being recycled!

It looks like I pulled my hair out but I just decided to get rid of everything fake so the curls that were not mine had to go! My hair guru Chaz Dean has assured me my real hair will grow back stronger because of my decision. The hair I am missing wasn’t mine anyway … I now think the same about lots of things!

Jeff is “current economy” stressed and “Jeffrey-ing” all over the place! Lucky for me my personal Titanic moments put these seeing red anger outbursts into perspective, therefore Jeff pounding his steering wheel and directing an original (designed by Jeff Lewis) “NOT PREPARED!” in my direction is just a typical great day in my office neighborhood’!

Armed with his active imagination and immense creativity, Jeff extends this to ...TA-DA: My Private Life! When the reality of my situation is not his idea of fun, he creates and creates…. for his amusement only!

I am back on the market and have been asked out for a salad … hanging in there is the name of the game! Pay attention to the signals!