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This Is A Wonderful Tutorial

Jenni talks money, meltdowns, and making it work at Jeff Lewis's.

We had a wonderful tutorial at HD building supply. Knowledge is power and by finding out what everything costs, we cannot get easily taken advantage of by contractor and sub-contractor mark ups. This market has forced us to really stay to the dollar with our budgets, even more efficiently spending which we should always focus on.

The downturn in the economy has forced us all to prioritize spending and not be frivolous with money. Money is your friend, learn to not be afraid of it. This is a hard but valuable lesson.

Jeff is a stickler about being on time, that's why I've lasted so long I suppose. My favorite Sanrio character (Hello Kitty's friend) is Pekkle. He is a duck with a real big head. His motto is On Time, Off Balance. See?

Mint meltdown is beyond upsetting. It even makes the King of punctuality late. No mints, no spray, no love, no work, no way. I have a great time working with Jeff's clients, it has been rewarding to meet new people and I think it has been good for Jeff. Chaz is amazing, I have tremendous respect for him and his product. Jeff and Chaz are similar, they are both extremely talented but want things done a certain way.

The stain debacle at Chaz Dean studio, a good lesson. Just a little patience. You work for someone, they want it "their way," you do it "their way" even if you disagree with "their way." Welcome to my world.

Share the apples with Zoila, she is your guardian angel Jeffrey. She cares for you. She loves your animals. Enough said.

Vlad continues to get on Jeff's nerves..."are you pretty sure or 100% sure?" I vote for 100% sure over pretty sure. "You have got to get back to work snap out of it. Do something! When you talk about people behind their back you whisper." Such wonderful words of encouragement and hope.

Clearly Rachel and Jeff are better as friends. I think it was not the right fit, the "chemistry" between her and Jeff's personality in the work mode was disastrous. Rachel, God Bless you girl, spend 3 1/2 minutes in the bathroom and "live it up" at your new gig!

Rachel leaves the Jeff Lewis crew on a Friday afternoon, Ay Caramba! The hiring begins...again.