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You're Not Looking at Jenni, You're Looking at Jeff

What was it like to be Jeff for a day? Jenni lets you in.

Fashion comes first and I do believe my hooker heels (actually camel Michael Kors) were a good way to make sure the roof had been properly installed. Vlad continues to get defensive and I am glad Jeff measured the plasma inlet. It was 8 inches off. Whoops. Unbelievable.

Jeff and I argue. When I believe he is wrong or acting in a way that will come back around to harm him, I stand up to him. I am not a yes man employee. I think someday he may or may not thank me for that, but it will not effect my self worth either way. Expensive therapy has taught me to not seek validation from others. Also, the only person you should compete with is yourself.

I had a new level of understanding for Mr. Lewis after I sat in his chair for the day. He has a tough job. He is responsible for a heap of details and it weighs on him. Jeff is fast paced because he has a tremendous amount to accomplish in a given day. I found I did things to Sarah (such as grab the phone from her or cut her off) which Jeff does to me and it bugs. I realized he does it in an effort to save time. He has all the information, so it is sometimes easier to relay it himself. Jeff is amazing at what he does and I respect that.

It was stressful having to shut down the job site and confront Jackie. I think it was meant to be that I was there that day and not Jeff. Enough said.

I'm glad there was no girl fight. I did not stand a chance. Not a chance.

Did Zoila really try to poison him? Only God and Zoila know the truth.

Amanda Woodward signing off for now....No peeking Vlad..."I do".