Baby Boom

Jett talks about his newborn baby boy!

In this episode, I am confronted with a situation that I’m sure is very common in workplaces everywhere - my employer offering to buy my unborn son. When I first told Jenni and him the news that I was going to have a baby, I didn’t get a ‘congratulations!’ or ‘you’re gonna be such a great dad, Jett!’ It was ‘I can get you ten grand for it. Wait no, fifteen grand - that’s gonna be good looking kid’. I always thought it was really funny, so I play along. I could tell Zoila wasn’t very entertained by that topic though, and neither was my girlfriend, Michele. Our little man, Mason James Pink, was born on July, 19th 2009. He’s a beautiful little boy and I feel lucky to be his dad. Fatherhood hasn’t changed my life too drastically, mainly because Mason lucked out and got a great mom. I do have to be more conscientious with my finances though. I can’t just go and spend all of my money on new surfboards and guitars, I have to make sure I set some aside to buy little baby surfboards and tiny guitars for the boy. I think Jeff will make a great dad someday and you can’t find a much better nanny than Zoila.

Being a fellow musician and songwriter, I’m always impressed when Jenni writes and performs her raps. And what better way to deliver a great lyric and iambic pentameter than from inside a giant green lizard costume. It makes me wonder if maybe I should incorporate a get-up like that at one of my next gigs. Now, I play primarily at dirty run-down bars, not at children’s birthday parties, but who knows? I think she’s on to something.

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