Sorry Zoila!

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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Sorry Zoila!

Jett steps in to blog and apologizes to Zoila.

In this episode we saw Zoila get wicked PO’d at me after I made what I thought was an innocent employment related joke. Light-hearted kidding around is what usually happens at our lunch breaks and Jeff was correct in saying that the vast majority of lunches don’t end in tears. That was not the case this time, however, when I learned (the hard way) that that moment was not the best time to joke about Zoila not appreciating her job. Things got ‘real’ when Zoila left the table, started crying, and called me an A-hole. It bears mentioning that Zoila calls me an A-hole at least once every single day, but I’m pretty sure she meant it this time. The funny thing is that I didn’t even remember at the time what I said to her to start the whole thing - I truly thought we were all joking and having fun. Perhaps this is evidence that, after having worked there for a year and a half, Jeff’s callous emotional tendencies are beginning to rub off on me. So, I apologized to her repeatedly and tried to communicate to her that I had no intention of offending her in any way. She did not accept these apologies however, and went on to not speak to me at all for two whole weeks. She eventually forgave me though, and we got back to business as usual. Zoila’s very witty and fun to work with. This incident was but a minor blemish on an otherwise rewarding professional relationship.

Zoila despised it, but the rest of us sure did have a good time with that Roomba. It was fascinating watching it navigate while vacuuming random places and hilarious watching the dogs attack it. Zoila had nothing to worry about though, because the thing was totally impractical. You could turn it on in the middle of a large room, but then it would make a beeline straight to the nearest corner - where it would get stuck. It was also expensive, loud, and really didn’t clean that well anyway. My favorite part of the whole Roomba experience was when Monkey (who’s always looking for trouble), discovered how to turn it on. He would jump on top of it while it was charging and send it running amok through the house, running into walls and pissing off the dogs. Fun times. The Roomba lasted about three weeks, which is actually a pretty good run for a new employee at Jeff Lewis’ office.