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Jeff Gone Wild

Find out what Ryan thinks about Jeff's babysitting skills!

This episode was definitely the most difficult for me to watch thus far.

Jeff and I have a very long history, both on a personal and business level. I have always known that at the heart of it was a strong friendship. It is certainly a challenge to edit our lives and capture the depth of relationships in a 1-hour span of time. There is no way to tell a full story with so much history and background, in such a short amount of time. With that in mind, I have tried my best to let go of the hurtful things that were part of this week's episode.

As a father my one priority is to protect my child. I trusted Jeff with Chloe, as I do believe that he cares for her and would never let anything happen to her. I was disappointed that after repeatedly promising me that he would not do or say things that were inappropriate, that he went ahead and did just that. I've always said that Jeff would make a great father someday, but he has a few lessons to learn about how impressionable a young child can be and how much they take in and remember. Unfortunately, months later, Dale and I are still dealing with the ramifications of what may have seemed innocent or funny at the time.

Jeff has a very active imagination and because of that he is one of the most entertaining people I have ever known. Frequent viewers of the show have seen how sometimes his imagination can get away from him. Unfortunately, this time it was my turn to be in the eye of the mental storm. I've never wanted anything but the best for Jeff, and I hope that he is able to remember all that we have done for each other. We have certainly had our disagreements over the years, but no matter what I will always considered him to be one of my dearest friends.