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Tough Skin

Intern Trace explains what it's like to work for perfectionist Jeff Lewis!


Hello everyone!

I'm new to this whole blogging thing so bare with me. My name is Trace Lehnhoff and I have been working for Jeff since January of 2009. I'm currently enrolled in college studying interior design in Los Angeles. Nearing the end of the design program, students start contacting design firms and offices in search of an internship. Thinking of offices I admired in the LA area, I immediately thought of Jeff Lewis. I contacted him via email and after I sent in a requested resume and photo, we set up an interview and he hired me on the spot as his design intern. Working for Jeff has been quite an experience and it's been invaluable to me. The way you see him on the show is exactly how he behaves in real life: obsessive compulsive, hysterical and downright crazy at times. I think I fit in at the office because of the similarities I have with Jeff. He's even said that in order to have job security with him, we as employees need to provide some sort of entertainment or possess a trait that he can make fun of, day in and day out.

Being a fan of past seasons, I was a little apprehensive working for Lewis. I knew I needed to have tough skin or else I would end up on Lexapro and in therapy indefinitely.