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<i>Flipping</i> Forgiveness

Jeff apologizes for being hard on Jenni and explains that there was a lot we didn't see. 

I regret screaming at Jenni. It was an extremely frustrating day, and although Jenni meant well, she actually caused a lot of damage when she decided to side with Christy (our client) against me. My goal in that lunch meeting was to convince Christy that sending the front door back to Arte de Mexico was not the wise choice. Although we bought the door pre-hung, the hinges were undersized and the door did not close or lock correctly. I exchanged numerous phone calls with Arte de Mexico to try to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, they did not accept responsibility and proceeded to tell me they did not normally sell door frames or do installation. That's funny, because they had no problem accepting Christy's money when we asked them to fabricate a door frame and hang the door. It was after Christy's check cleared, and we started to have problems with the door, that they changed their position. It didn't make sense to me to then ask Arte de Mexico to rehang the door when they had admittedly no experience in door installation. I wish they had been honest from the beginning, and I could have hired another company to not only fabricate the door frame but hang the door properly. I think that David from Arte de Mexico was afraid to tell me the truth about his limited door hanging experience in fear of losing the sale and my smile. I admit that there are very few $6,000 sales these days, but the reality is Christy and I loved that door and would have purchased it regardless.

Back to Jenni's role in this debacle. Jenni is now working for JLD once or twice a week. She was completely unaware of the problems we were having with Arte de Mexico. My suggestion to someone who is not well-versed in the current topic of conversation would be to keep quiet. Sometimes Jenni's need to be involved supersedes her lack of information. She made a very uncomfortable situation worse. What the viewers don't see is that during out car ride, we had a very heated 30 minute argument. It was edited down to a few minutes, and it looks as if I went from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Although this not does not justify my harsh words, 30 minutes of someone refusing to take responsibility or apologize infuriates me. I regret losing control in the situation, but in the end Jenni and I both apologized and moved on with our day. I only hope that I can exercise personal restraint in the future.