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The Two Chucks

Jeff shares the aftermath of the Chuck incident.

I am still reeling over what happened at Hamburger Mary's. Strange unexplained events are a common occurrence in my life, but even I was shocked. No one could have seen that coming. When Chuck slapped Trace, I actually saw spit fly from Trace's mouth onto the floor. I really didn't know how to react or respond. It was one of those rare situations where I was left speechless. I just sat there listening to my own nervous laughter. What confused me is that my client Chuck is actually a really nice, thoughtful guy. During our six months of working together on his home design, I never experienced any sort of inappropriate behavior from him. I honestly believe there is still something we don't know. Did Chuck drink on an empty stomach, or more likely did he mix alcohol with some sort of medication?  The Chuck at Hamburger Mary's was a completely different person from the Chuck I know. I don't believe a few drinks would cause a complete personality shift. It was unreal to watch. If I had any indication that this would happen, there is no way I would have put Trace in that situation. I felt terrible for him. I was very grateful to Jenni who jumped in to do damage control. She quickly diffused the situation and helped Trace make a quick exit. I was also happy she did not kick my client in the balls like she threatened. Chuck did apologize the next day and he and Trace have since moved on from this unfortunate and uncomfortable situation. The fact is, Chuck and Trace have always had a very good working relationship. Furthermore, Chuck swears he doesn't remember ANYTHING that occurred that afternoon, and I believe him. Today, Chuck is still a valued client at JLD. Of course, I had to raise our rates. Employee hazard pay can get very expensive.