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Back in the Saddle

Jett explains how he avoids Jeff's wrath.

Welcome to Season 4 everyone! I loved seeing my little man in the first shot, so cute! I also laughed at the uncanny resemblance that he had to my boss- complete with the Jeff Lewis signature side-part haircut. Our babysitter cancelled that day, so I had to bring Mason in to work with me and Jeff was really cool about it. I didn’t think it had been that long since we filmed that but he’s doubled in size since then, has tons of crazy hair, and looks exactly like my brother.

In this episode, we get an overview of the massive undertakings that Jeff has on his plate and drama that comes with it all. I’m glad that I’m so rarely on the receiving end of his ‘flip outs’ like Sarah and Jenny, because he can get pretty pissed off. I just walk the dogs, buy some lunches, sweep some leaves and generally fly under the radar. My ability the make a perfect dirty martini, however, is an addition to my skill set that has greatly added to my value in this organization.

I was thoroughly entertained when Stewie pooped in the bathtub. He does it ALL the time and its hilarious every time. We can see that Jeff thinks its really funny too- so apparently his cleanliness OCD gets put on hold whenever pet excrement is involved. At Valley Oak, all bathroom doors must remain closed at all times or else Stewie will poop in the sinks and one time he even went in the fireplace. I love it. And when Casey essentially peed on Sarah...too much.