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Mommy and Maid

Jett always listens to Zoila's parenting tips (even if he doesn't always follow them).

Oh my god, my boy looks so cute on TV! I'm pretty desensitized to seeing myself on there but seeing Mason on the show is a whole new and awesome experience. As Jeff mentioned, our babysitter cancelled on us a few times, so I was left with no choice but to bring my little bundle of joy in to work with me. It was fun having him there with me, and I lucked out that he was so well behaved on those days. It's fun to watch this, because I can't remember him ever being so small! Nowadays he's a rough and tumble little toddler running around our place yelling and getting into everything. As a busy parent it can be hard to remember to bring out the video camera all the time to document his various stages, so I am grateful to have a great snapshot of his early months.

Zoila, although initially put off by the extra responsibility, was very helpful with my boy. She kept an eye on him while I ran errands, got him up to speed on the story lines of her telenovelas, and didn't hesitate to yell at me when she saw me breaking any rules of parenting. So I guess babies need to have pillows under their heads when you give them a bottle. Well let me say that Mason has used a pillow exactly one time in his life (it was in this episode) and he couldn't be healthier. I always accept Zoila's advice though, even if it's unsolicited, as I appreciate her wisdom.