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The Car Version of Zoila

Jett's ready for more responsibility and thinks that Zoila's new ride is perfect for her.

So, in this episode I get some new tasks added to my repertoire after Jeff points out that I don't make him any money. Since my job consists mainly of things that Jeff does not want to do himself, I'm definitely more of a luxury expense than a business asset. And that's cool - I'm totally up for doing new stuff. So I've been helping out by designing some plant arrangements around Valley Oak, placing the landscaping at Finley, and doing some painting. I've enjoyed this because I'll jump at any opportunity to engage my creative side. In addition to having a college degree, I've had about 70 different jobs in my day - so I've got a broad range of skills waiting to be used. I'm confident I can handle any future changes in my job description.

Zoila secures a major victory for herself when she has her work week reduced from seven to six days. Six days a week still sounds like way too many to me, but she's been pretty stoked. Jeff gets after her quite a bit in this episode but then makes up for it by buying her a car. You know - typical employee/employer relations. The Mini's adorable though, it's totally the car version of Zoila.