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Casey's Big Mistake

Sarah gives us the lowdown on Team JLD.

Greetings viewers!

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Jeff Lewis Design team…a.k.a. JLD. This year the company has grown so quickly that I have many more responsibilities and duties. So much so, that at times I am confused about my actual employee title.

The team has also grown individually. Miss Jenni Pulos has a new sweetsies in her life. We are so happy for her. Trace never ceases to impress with his great sense of style and fashion. Jett is now a happy daddy with a beautiful son. It is such pleasure to have little Mason around the office on occasion. Zoila is still the spicy, back talking housekeeper. Last but not least, Jeffy. He fills a big pair of shoes. His business is growing by the hour. He keeps it together pretty well for someone that is being pulled from one side of the country to the other.

As the company grows so does the drama. However, our 6pm martini hour does take some of the edge off. As for Zoila and the dogs, the dogs just don’t understand her accent. Even I don’t sometimes! Everyone knows that we are all subject to making mistakes. Some are more important than others. For instance, Casey showering urine into my hair from above. Now that was a big, wet mess.