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Flying the (un)Friendly Skies

Sarah didn't exactly find Jeff's texts comforting during the flight.

Another beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office with eclectic clients Barb and Bob. I think it's great that Barb is so enthusiastic about remodeling a few rooms in their home. Barb has taken a liking to Jenni and Chris. She shows it with lots of affection. However, with Trace and "TK" (tall kid), that affection doesn't go over too well. Being able to deal with affection from our clients is mandatory, because we want to make them comfortable. This is something that Trace needs to get used to in order to become the project manager that Jeff hopes he will be.

Trace is very talented and has great vision. He is a terrific asset to JLD, and Jeff makes it very obvious that he recognizes Trace's contribution. Though at times Jeff feels that Trace is not concentrating fully on his internship, Trace proves Jeff wrong consistently. I thought that I should be able to listen to Jeff reprimand Trace about his focus at work because Jeff yells at me in front of our employees and clients. Why shouldn't I be able to be in the room for this "talk?" I feel for Trace because I do think he has a lot on his plate with school, work, and socializing. Trace seems to juggle all three very well.

Traveling to northern California on a private jet was awesome. The property was even more beautiful than I anticipated. The flight back was not so great. Jeff's way of consoling my fear of flying was straight up evil. Texting me "you’re going to die" while I was having a panic attack was not my idea of comforting. That's Jeff for you. He makes light of painful situations in the "Jeffy" way.