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Viva La Mural!

Sarah still can't believe that Chaz's mural was nearly ruined.

Let's face it, Zoila works her gluteus maximus off for Jeff. Jeff has some hard days and seems to take it out on Zoila by demanding immediate attention to her work. As we all know, sometimes Jeff's delivery can be rather harsh and at times even hurtful. Here's a shout out to ALL the housewives. They work hard for their money. 

Jett does so much for Zoila around the house. She has obviously become very dependent on his generosity. She does not like it when Jeff declares he is giving Jett duties that require him to be out of the house more often. Jeff has a big heart, and so does Zoila. That said, both of them take care of each other in so many sweetsies, cutesies ways. This is Jeff's world, but it wouldn't be anything without Zoil's. 

When Jeff realizes that Zoila is overworked, he really empathizes with her. The only difference is Jeff will retire in 30 years. Zoila will retire in 5-10 years. She is clearly exhausted. When Jeff relieves her from working for his Grandmother, it is a catch 22 for Zoil's. She has mad love for Grandma and doesn't want to be apart from her. However, she is tired and needs some time with herself and her family. Jenni really cheered her up with a sweets ass rap for her birthday. I am sure Zoila will be bumping "Speak Zoila" in the new Mini Coop that Jeff bought her. Things are back to normal...for now.

Chaz has an extremely close attachment to the murals in Bungalow 1. Jeff has slowly but surely been trying to convince Chazy to take them down. This last one was not coming down, but of coarse Digitemp's bright employee spray paints an "X" on the last mural to mark for a HVAC register. It couldn't have been a bigger EFF up. I think there was a slight language barrier. All in all, they fixed it and Chaz was happy.   

Chazy Chaz...Sweetsies cutesies. I felt so bad about the incident with "X" on the last standing mural. To be honest he was such a gentleman about the whole thing. After months of standing up to Jeff constantly harassing him about removing the murals, Chaz stood firm. The mural lives! Viva la Mural!