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Tassles and Tussles

Trace is ready to be full time at JLD!

Well the moment finally happened. After years of sitting at a desk listening to someone assign me different tasks, check in, and teach me all that they know, I have finally graduated. Now I get to sit at a desk and listen to someone assign me different tasks, check in, and teach me all that they know (most of which, by the way, will now be unsolicited). I think Sarah's right, I did look, "So sweets in that robe and little hat."  I'm happy I could share that day with my family at Jeff Lewis Design, and once I flipped my glittery tassel on the other side of my graduation cap, I hit the ground running working for Jeff full time. 

I began to work with clients on more of a one-on-one basis doing as much as I could to contribute to the business.  Looking back, I had no idea what I would be in for. I had heard about different client-relationships, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to be faced with -– not even Barb and her dancing stuffed dogs.

Working so closely with our clients, we develop relationships and get very comfortable with one another. Chuck is a client I have been working with for several months, and I have enjoyed helping him with his project. I'm not sure what exactly happened to Chuck that day to make him behave the way he did, but it wasn’t something I expected him to do. I know he would never intend to hurt me –- it just went too far. He has since apologized many times over, and I never held a grudge or have thought of him any differently. The truth is, Chuck is a great guy, he wasn’t in a clear state of mind, and things clearly just went too far. Moving forward, I just want to put the incident behind all of us. 

It's exciting for me to be working full time for Jeff and being able to spend more with clients. I'm looking forward to what's to come, but here's hoping any direct assault to my face stays to a minimum.