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Casa Vega Crushes

Zoila hopes that she'll land a sugar daddy and that Jeff will keep landing restaurants.

I think Jeffrey is tough on Sarah during training, but I think it's going well. She is learning more from him, but sometimes Jeffrey needs to yell to make a point. Sorry Sarah. He's been yelling at me for years and years. Want to know the secret? Just stop listening--like me.

I like that Jeffrey has a restaurant client and is so busy. Before he was always saying to me, "Wow, I wish I had a housekeeper that could cook." Now he stopped harassing me. I'm hoping that once he is done with the work at Casa Vega, he will work on another restaurant. I'm too busy to cook for him.

I saw when Mr. Vega was feeding Sarah at a meeting, and I was thinking, "He's such a sweet sweet man." Then I was wondering what it would be like to have a nice man to take care of me. I'm a young woman. Maybe he can be my sugar-daddy? Is he married already? I need to go to client meetings with Jeffrey...

The smock looks so terrible. It's a bad, bad punishment, and I feel sorry for Sarah when she has to wear it. When Jeffrey and Sarah go to Citrus, I was thinking, "What an ugly building." Luckily, Jeffrey will do more work and make it look very pretty.

I can't believe that Sarah forget to close the door though and let out the kitties. The cat poo box was full, so maybe she thought they were better off living outside?

That's enough for now. So tired. Talk to you next week Bravo people.