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My Blog is Clogged

Jenni discusses Jeff's toilet karma and her addiction to hair clips.

My blog is CLOGGED

Our New York job is in the toilet if we do not finish the Hollywood salon.

I don't think a plunger could fix it either.

Jeff busted Gage for a bad burrito.

Watch the karma boomerang -- caught plunge-handed.

Tension mounts... Sarah is on probation, thought she did go to the right storage location.

We've moved...

Zoila got a little "barbeque you" when that needle went into her neck. Eww!

In NYC dancing with men in underwear... There was a window involved.

Full confession: My name is Jenni and I am a hairclip-aholic.

Support groups forming for the curl challenged!

Tile looks like crap, you know the drill... Wait for the snap!

Next week:

Zoila, te amo, goes under the knife. 

Vegas (and what happens there) should stay there for life!