Jenni Pulos

Jenni thinks Chaz wanted a VIP to design his VIP space in New York.

on Aug 16, 2011

Zoila is "Lupe, Lupe, Lupe" over it.

Then over candy and wallpaper we discovered we would not be the only designer on the new east coast hair studio.

I know Jeff was disappointed when Chaz informed us that we would not be designing the entire N.Y. salon. 

My thought: He wants a VIP to design a VIP space. Size does not matter, performance does. 

The voice of reason, Jeff, finally put a stop to Stacey's "performance art," and to my relief, I would no longer be cast as "Heather"... 

I finally snapped and gave Stacey a style tip and some advice: Client/employee boundaries are a delicate dance that she has not yet mastered.