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Jenni Pulos

Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Jenni thinks Chaz wanted a VIP to design his VIP space in New York.

Aug 16, 2011

Zoila is "Lupe, Lupe, Lupe" over it.

Then over candy and wallpaper we discovered we would not be the only designer on the new east coast hair studio.

I know Jeff was disappointed when Chaz informed us that we would not be designing the entire N.Y. salon. 

My thought: He wants a VIP to design a VIP space. Size does not matter, performance does. 

The voice of reason, Jeff, finally put a stop to Stacey's "performance art," and to my relief, I would no longer be cast as "Heather"... 

I finally snapped and gave Stacey a style tip and some advice: Client/employee boundaries are a delicate dance that she has not yet mastered. 

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Jenni where did you get that gorgeous black scarf-y shirt you wear during your interviews? its to die for

Who the heck does that bimbo think she is. That Stacie is horrible. I have trouble watching her. She definately needs LOTS of therapy.

Bravo, Please post my comment. thx

I adore you, you have the patience of a Saint! I would have been fired a long time ago. Can't wait to see you on Andy's WWHL...wish you were on more! I'm curious why Jeff doesn't have a blog on here, hummmm. Anywho...keep your head up & know that you have a TON of fans who adore you!

love you jennie. your always number 1, and you always look wonderful.

Love that you finally gave her a taste of her own medicine! Love you Jenni!

Deb, You crack me up.

Jenni, Thank you for not letting Jeff break-up with Chaz...Love seeing him on the show!

Jenni - you are a class act, beautiful on the inside and out - always stay true to yourself and you will always come out on top, never change!

You rule. Loved that you finally got to tell Stacy what's up!

I am so happy that the show is back to the way it used to be, with you and Jeff at it. You guys are a great team and Jeff really likes you, I can tell after Sara being there. I love Debby too and so does he.

Zoila is the best, I laugh so hard everytime she talks and jokes with Jeffrey.

Love the show. Wish you guys were going to NY, hope you will do his VIP room.

Jenni you are too funny. The problem I had with Chaz not giving Jeff the job is he blamed it on Jeff being too slow. Wasn't Chaz the reason it took 2 1/2 yrs? he needed to touch everything and that really seemed to slow the process. I just think Chaz should own that you know! btw that Satcy chick is craaazzzyy


Jenni- You are the best. You handled Stacey perfectly!! you did not get agitated or play into her game. I think you are amazingly smart, funny and a much greater person than Stacey. She is out of control. Personally, I think she is so far out that she must be crazy. She acts as if she is either schizophrenic or bi-polar. Not sure. But don't let her get to you. the worst is over.

Jenni, Listen, You are ridiculously Beautiful! You are smart, observant, and know your stuff! That wack-job Stacey is rude, ugly and very vulgar! She has no fans, believe Me! And Jeff should ALWAYS defend and protect you from all the inbalanced clients that you deal with on occasion. I do hope that Jeff takes your advice and does the project for Chaz...It's about quality, not quantity of space...I wish the best for you guys, always. I have been a fan since the beginning and all of you are doing a wonderful job in your projects!

Sincerely, Kimberly

Hi Jenni, I loved when you finally stood up to that ugly ugly woman. Who does she think she is anyway? She should not judge others lest she be judged. She is no beauty herself and I bet all her mirrors are shatter proof because they break when she looks at herself, plus she looked absolutely stupid in that blonde wig and I think there was nothing wrong with you were more than one ring. She is truly jealous of you. Keep up the good work. Team Jenni. Love you all the way. You should have let Deb out on her. that would have been funny.

I think perhaps Jeff need to take Deb when he goes to see Stacy!

Jenni, I think you rock and you help make this show....That Stacey has a screw loose or one should treat another person like that...Hang in there sweetie...YOU have a lot of fans that adore you!

Jenni I love do u put up with this group of over actors? are the only one to exercise any level of common sense.....thanks for all the humor and intelligence you display on every episode......Oh, Stacy is a tool tool....F**k her, on second thanks.

I was appalled at the way Stacy acted. It was down right wrong. She hired the company to do a job and to attack you personally was WAY out of line. Besides I was getting a kick out of that blond my mother used to say, she looked like a @$$hole turned inside out. I certainly hope she went out in public in that. Jennie you are cool!

I just wanted to tell you that am a black woman and girl I would have slap the D&*$ out of the ugly fat and not PHAT BI(*&. If you ask me I think she wanted to be you. What the hell. Don’t' she no it's only one J to the E to the double N - I. And if she says she has to go down town on her Husband again I think am going to throw the F UP. Love you guys. FYI your boss is a Hot Mess

Stacey is no Erin Brockovich, so she shouldn't use her lines. Pathetic woman.

To Jenni: You go girl when you told Stacey you didn't like her necklace either.

Jenni, I think you set a wonderful example of holding your tongue and showing self control for those of us who watch the show. Many times they only show the fights. You showed us how to show some class, and my hat is off to you. I was glad Stacey at leased appologized for making you 'feel attacked'. She should have appologized FOR ATTACKING YOU. (I'm sure you caught that too). Keep up the good work, Please don't go anywhere. I don't think the show would be as great without you. Love, Ann

Stacy only wishes she looked like you. I personally don't think Jeff did much in the way of standing up for you. Seriously, he should have terminated the business relationship right then and there. The woman is toxic and obviously doesn't have "money" enough to properly do her house. Jeff is dillousional if he thinks he can work both coast. He would still be paid big bucks to do the VIP room. He lacks common sense and that is why you are the one he always turns to.

You are such the bigger person! Stacie is rude, and an elitist. Jeff should have put her in her place a long time ago. Your beautiful and smart, bravo fans love you.


You handled Stacey with heroic patience and skill! The woman is incredably RUDE and CRUDE in her manners! You should not have to put up with her! I don't think Chaz wants Jeff to do his Manhattan Salon because Jeff took so long to complete the last project! Three years is a long time! But, he offered something not to hurt Jeff's feelings. Jeff needs to consider the expense of flying to New York and and hotel fees also! Is it really financially worth it? Also, with a short staff, just how many projects can Jeff work on? If he would stop firing people, he could handle more clients! Don't you just want to kick him in the butt sometimes! Rich

Hi Jenni: You have the patience of a Saint !!! Stacie attacks you cause' she wants or hopes that someday she can become YOU !!! Jeff needs to stand by the pepople who have been there from day 1 and tell her to go "hop on a broom" Money is not everything and integrity and respect are

I just hope Jeff is compensating you financially for all the crap you take from him and people like Stacy. You are the picture of professionalism. You should be proud.

Jeff never had a chance for that NY job. He has no business office, keeps firing his staff and is too unpredictable. Chaz was nice to throw him a bone and it's good he had you there to help him realize that.

First of all.....I think you are great! You have the patience of a saint not only in dealing with Jeff but with that witch of a client, Stacey. The woman, first of all, is low class. She might think she has class, but someone with class doesn't go announcing to the entire world how many 'blowjobs' she has given or has to give to her husband to get what she wants!!! REALLY??!!! As to her not liking your hair or what you wear....Someone should nominate her for a WHAT NOT TO WEAR makeover!!! The woman is not pretty and the odd thing is that she criticized your long curly hair /extensions in one episode and then she has the same exact style/hair extensions in another episode. Regarding Jeff....I don't understand why he can't carefully chastize his clients for abusing his employees...I was shocked when one of his clients smacked Trace at the restaurant and he said nothing....I was equally shocked by his not putting Stacey in line when she was trash talking you. I know his business means everything to him but his loyal friends/employees should mean more to him in the whole scheme of things.

I never comment on things like these, but I am disgusted by Stacey. Jenni, I think you are beautiful! Stacey is simply not a nice person. Jeff, you need to stand by Jenni.

Love Jenni, Love Zoila, Love Jett......Cage....need to stop being a butt kisser.....and need an attitude adjustment big time....the people that work for you must really care about you geniunely....because no one else would allow you to talk to them the way you really should be ashamed of yourself

Chaz needs apologize to Jeff, JLD kept was on time, and did Chaz forget who is the hottest Designer in LA,,, Jeff and YOU need to relax, love the Ceasarstone Job,,

Jenni you are too sweet and very professional. For the record, Stacey is very unattractive on the outside as well as the inside. She is jealous of you, period. Keep being sweet.

BRAVO! No pun intended for telling Stacey what's what? It is good that she has some money because I really can't see anything else that she has going for her except her son. She better be glad that some people have a filter and use it. I could go on and on but she is without a doubt one of the most classless characters I've ever seen. Please tell me this persona is an act for the show and she's not really as horrible as she seems! have the heart of a saint to put up with someone who cannot accept you as you are...the "Heather" stuff...unforgivable...that woman is a real clown. It's her agenda, not yours and hers to work through...hopefully you're done with that house!!!

Sorry Jeff how manying season were you working on Chaz hair shop it started on season 2 and what season is this season four?


You are a beautiful soul with a huge heart. Good for you for putting Stacie in her place...

PS- Your hair looks fine...Jeff doesn't know what he is talking about!

Jenni, I don't know how you work for Jeff. Enough said. Stacie needs an attitude adjustment about the size of your fist in her mouth, such disrespect....Jeff should have walked out. Zoila is the only one who stands up to Jeff...I like her....

Jenni, you are one-of-a-kind. If I owned my own cloning business, I would clone you and sell you for a healthy, healthy amount!!! OH! WAY TO GO ON BLASTIN' THAT MEAN OLD STACEY!!! She was WAY OUTTA LINE about your hair and voice...JUST RUDE!!!!!!!! TOOTS! HUGS!!!

(continued) ...Speaking of cloning. Jenni, you should open your own assistant cloning business and call it "Cloning Jenni" and Bravo, you should create a reality show based on that.

ok, ok, I drank the coo-coo koolaid!

we love you Jenni, keep yourself just as you are...perfect.