Season 5 and I'm Still Alive

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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

Season 5 and I'm Still Alive

Jenni gives us her poetic interpretation of the premiere.

Season 5 and I'm still alive.

The design business has expanded Jeff's opportunities... 

And mine too! I'm making and serving drinks on the private plane ride to San Francisco! Please be prepared for landing and have your seats and tray tables in an upright and locked position!

Jeff has speaking engagements, client consults across the country. We are all grateful to be working.

In San Francisco Jeff got flipped out on at a business meet and greet, was called the D word, and felt bad. He and Gage tried to smooth it over as it was a not-having-the-correct-information situation. 

After the snafu, Jeff did a great job at The Design Center speaking engagement even with a no cursing no cash contract. The talk was informative, and the people there were one of the many reasons hearts are left in San Francisco.

Jeff managed not to engage in any normal house flipping vocabulary, therefore we did get compensated. Cutbacks take many forms in this new economy.

Clients are increasing the tension with the new design comes a whole new  ... time ... ball game.  

With his focus pulled in every direction, someone has to demand that Jeff's Grandma be his No. 1 priority.

Call me the bad guy.

Gorgeous Gage is introduced to the team as the head of business and personal affairs. Jeff discusses the personal.

Our fearless leader is working and living in a much smaller rented house. Less space, less room to escape... especially for Zoila.

Cutting back, going forward, Jeff as always turning up up up the heat...