Andy's "Monumental Meltdown"

Jenni Battles Lewd Snowmen

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Zoila was Kidnapped by "Inappropriate Aliens"

Gage and the Gramercy Drama

Jenni: Alianna is a Miracle

Jenni Talks Mini Cat Doors, Giant Paint Cans

Jeff's In-House Telenovela

Mammary Madness at Jeff Lewis Design

Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Jeff Lewis Reflects on Monkey

Jeff and the L Word

"I Did Not Lie to Jeff."

Gage Doesn't Trust Andrew

Gage and Zoila's Endless Teasing

Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Zoila's Tear-Filled Therapy Session

Jeff's New Boyfriend

Twist! Jeff Forgives Andrew - Ep 5

Jeff's Cockpit and Andy's Lying

Inspector Jeffrey

Andy, Andy, Andy

There is a Time and a Place

Workplace Etiquette

Jeff Lewis, Wedding Planner

Who's the Bitch?

My Wedding Heaven Meets Jeff's Cash Calculations

The Vagina Monologues

Get Your Kicks on Route Season 6

Grammercy Gardens

Rapping Up Season 5

Truck Gas

Jeff Wants to be a Paint Star

Hey, You Never Know...

Queen of the House

We Talk to the Animals

Hanky Panky and Stinky Pink

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!

Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

An English Cottage on Acid


Jenni encourages everyone to hang in there and pursue their dreams.

Some relationships start with a phone call. Gage called, I told Jeff he was offering free jeans, and the rest is history...

I feel like the old house that Jeff came back to and wants to fix up. My boyfriend is the guy you meet and want to be with forever. Jeff has a lot to say about someone he does not really know. What I don't know is what the future holds, but I have lots of reasons to smile. 

My ex husband is remarried, and I wish him well. I hope Jeffery can do the same, and Chris will be allowed to be in the past.   

Just rename this season "Survivor" -- Jeff is trying to survive the economy, and we all tried like lots of Americans to keep our paychecks coming. Sarah and Trace heard, "You're fired." Almost everyone seemed kissing close to a pink slip. 

Some dreams survive... many thanks to all who have downloaded my rap with Lil' John, Ray Ray, and Jay Monaco. Jeff's reverse encouragement did not put a stop to Magical Girl, and to all out there like me in need of a little cheerleading, listen to my lyrics and HANG IN THERE! 

Stacey tried to be mini-Jeff and play Jenni the pinata. I guess at the end of the world it will be me and the cockroaches. 

Surviving is the theme here, and Jeff I are doing another show called Interior Therapy. Looking at ways our thinking creates our living atmosphere and the possibilities for changes for the better. It's is all about Jeff using his skills and drive to make people smile.