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Under the Fork

Jenni discusses her dorky dancing and her worry for Zoila.

I'm dancing like a dork and Zoila goes under the fork... I mean knife.

"You don't know what you got till it's gone."

I really had to stop myself from singing that song in my head and fearing the worst case scenario…    

Jeff's gift of surgery for Zoila was surreal, sobering, and scary.  

The reality of the surgery, the hours involved, watching from the viewing area… 

We did not know, the longer you are under anesthesia the longer it takes to wake up. 

As soon as the words "shut up" came out of Zoila's mouth, I was a happy girl.  

Zoila was off to the recovery center and we were off to Vegas.

Jeff's hosting the trip for Sarah's bachelorette party. 

Drunken pole dancing is now a skill on my professional resume... sorry, mom!

Warning: Do not watch this episode with your children

This was a work/play trip.

The party went on a little too long.

Jeff's speaking at the Design Center and we could not sing the song "The Gang's All Here."

A big let down 

Gage... our sanity

Next week... the heads roll.